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  • We operate in 40+ countries

  • Specializing in tech, corporate, securities, tax, privacy, intellectual property laws, M&A, and litigation

  • AI and machine learning believers

  • First EEA law firm issued its own NFT in 2021

  • Serve clients valued from 200k up to 3.5b USD

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ICON.PARTNERS provides legal services to Blockchain, Tech, e-commerce, and FinTech businesses

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Our local lawyers, working together with an international team, can expertly assist your global tech company in 40+ countries.



Our clients, especially startups, appreciate the Horseback Law approach we adopt, inspired by Google's unique methodology. This approach emphasizes quick, informed judgments over extensive analyses, ensuring prompt and effective legal guidance when integrated into business teams.

Case Studies

Helped a startup raise $650,000 in investment

StartTech (name changed), an AI startup for autonomous vehicles, turned to us for assistance in raising investment. We drafted an investment agreement that legally protected both parties' interests in the USA. As a result, the startup successfully raised $650,000 and strengthened its market position.

Avoided €20 million fines and kept user trust in JetOctopus

JetOctopus, a company specializing in data analytics, approached us for GDPR compliance. We performed an audit, developed a step-by-step roadmap, and helped with implementation. As a result, JetOctopus saved up to 20 million euros in fines and increased user activity by 25%, successfully expanding its services to the European market.

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I am leaving feedback for the company Icon Partners. I approached this company for the preparation of documentation for my website. Throughout our communication, they also consulted on all my inquiries. The documents were prepared within the clearly discussed timeframe. I would like to emphasize that these were not template versions of documents. All the documents were explicitly tailored to the needs of my website. The lawyers of Icon Partners are true professionals in their field. I would also like to thank the customer relations manager Yulia, who was always available during our collaboration. If you are looking for IT lawyers, I recommend partnering with Icon Partners. I will only turn to them in the future.

Rybchuk Yurii

We received a high-quality consultation from the Icon.Partners team regarding the business model and legal framework of our company. This consultation helped us make the right business decisions. We recommend engaging Icon.Partners for legal services.

Viacheslav Shybaiev


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