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We provide legal services to IT, FinTech, Blockchain and e-commerce businesses

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For solving point tasks. We will estimate the scope of work and calculate the cost of turnkey services

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Delegate everything to Icon.Partners and forget about the word "law"

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Have been working with Viacheslav and his team for 5+ years on a couple of projects. They helped me set up a proper company and cash flow structure for my business. Provided consultancy on legal and taxation issues. After all they helped me with opening my companies in 2 different jurisdictions, guided though opening bank accounts in several banks and prepared MSA templates for the specifics of our IT Services business. Viacheslav, thanks for all the help, I will keep working with your team, and recommend others to give it a try.

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Oleksiy Rak

Viacheslav provided a quality consultation regarding the business model and legal framework for my company. The consultation helped me to make the right business decision. Recommend hiring Viacheslav and his team for the legal services.

Viacheslav Shybaiev


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