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A correctly drafted and well-read contract is the key to the success of your project and a good night`s sleep. We will help conclude and draw up any of your contracts, and we will check contracts from counterparties for risks. While you market your business, we take care of your deals.

We advise on selecting payment systems and their connection on the site and using fiat, electronic, and cryptocurrencies. We will prepare a payment acceptance policy, a return procedure (refund), and other necessary documentation for your site

We advise businesses on accounting and tax matters, from preparing reports on the payment of corporate tax to conducting complex audits of the company's financial operations. We will check the legality of the basis of your settlement transactions in Ukraine and other jurisdictions

For us, there is no legal question that we cannot provide an answer to. We turn even the most confusing rule of the tax law into a simple and understandable consultation. Providing solutions in the field of contract law, tax law, and intellectual property law, we always focus on the result for the client, even if it requires analyzing hundreds of pages of Vietnamese or Chilean legislation

Intellectual property makes your business unique and is sometimes a key metric for business valuation. You must protect your business` uniqueness because competitors love to copy it, taking away customers, time, and money from you. We provide a full range of services in the field of intellectual property protection (patents, TM, copyright, trade secrets, etc.): from registration of rights to these objects to filing DMCA complaints

The rapid development of GameDev legislation requires constant attention to innovations in this area. The service includes legal support for the GameDev business: from choosing a jurisdiction for company registration to publishing the game in the marketplace and licensing issues

We advise on compliance by the company and its employees with laws, rules, and standards that apply to its field of activity. We'll identify breach risks faster than regulators will do and eliminate them to avoid probably fines and lawsuits

We provide qualified to consult IT startups regarding establishing and developing business in Ukraine and abroad. With Icon.Partners, you can focus on business processes and innovation and won't need to worry about legal issues

Is your product being used illegally? Did the customer not pay for the services provided? Did the partner violate the terms of confidentiality?
We advise on these and other issues at all stages of dispute resolution in the IT field — from pre-trial settlement to court decision enforcement. We will comprehensively analyze the situation, prepare arguments for your position, evaluate the "winnability" of your case and the chances of further implementation of the decision, and help resolve the dispute by considering your interests

We will help you choose a license for your company's form of activity, prepare the necessary documentation, and communicate with regulators to achieve the dream goal of obtaining a permit to implement your projects

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It is not enough to simply draft documents or conclude any agreements; it is necessary to confirm the compliance of the project with the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, LGTD, and other specialized acts. Our goal is to implement a holistic approach to protecting personal data, which affects the policy of the product as a whole

Whether it's legal classification of tokens, choosing the ideal jurisdiction for crypto activity, or creating a DAO, our extensive knowledge in crypto and blockchain technologies is at your disposal to answer all your questions and empower your venture to thrive

It is a must-have for any product: from a website to an application.

We will not only draw up the necessary agreements but also screen your product to capture its key features and minimize risks. The focus is on balancing protecting your business and the user's interests

Comprehensive services for registration and conducting business in Ukraine, the USA, and Europe. Which company form to choose? How to communicate with registrars? In what format should the documents be drawn up with other shareholders? We have answers to all these questions and will help settle relations with partners, counterparties, and consumers/users

How to determine the tax base for your company and avoid double taxation? We will provide your local or international business with answers on taxation issues and offer comprehensive solutions for tax optimization

Doubts about the legality of your counterparty's transactions/activities? We will conduct an audit of compliance with financial legislation by businesses in any jurisdiction and help identify and document the fact of financial fraud and other offenses

Franchising allows a company to transfer its business model, intellectual property, and corporate business reputation to another company or private individual. Icon.Partners' services consist in observing the legitimate interests of the franchise parties. We will help protect your trademark, business concept, and business model know-how

Liquidation or bankruptcy does not mean death for a business but only prevents further deterioration of the company's situation. We will ensure compliance with the law and the requirements of the competent authorities within these procedures and ensure that your interests are protected

We solve the issue of contractual support of investments, conduct a comprehensive assessment of companies' prospects from the view of investment attractiveness, and much more

We help clients conduct dialogue with counterparties, banks, payment systems, investors, and government bodies. Our lawyers have repeatedly won compensation awards based on the consequences of negotiations (disputes), which we conducted confidentially. The most valuable thing for us is to reach an agreement on the most favorable terms for the client, minimizing the likelihood of future risks

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