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Work-life balance. Tips from the Icon.Partners team

Over fifty years have passed since the term "work-life balance" was coined, yet interest in achieving this balance has not only faded but continues to grow. But don't worry, this isn't another general essay on how to find the balance between work and rest. Instead, we decided to peel back the curtain on our employees' personal experiences and reveal how they cope with work-life balance challenges. Departments vary, but the goal is the same – to find harmony between work and personal life. So, let's move on to our colleagues' real-life hacks.

Legal professionals in our company approach maintaining work-life balance with various strategies: from active sports to detailed planning of their time. This diversity of approaches shows that regardless of individual preferences, they all strive for one thing — to find a balance between work obligations and personal life through healthy habits and setting clear boundaries. Alexandra, a Legal Professional, shared her strategy: "Every day, I allocate time for physical activity, whether walking my dog or yoga. This helps me distract from work moments and reduces stress levels. I also try to plan my workday so that there is time for personal matters and rest." Her approach reflects an understanding that work efficiency directly depends on the ability to recharge and maintain physical and emotional health.

The importance of work-life balance is undeniably crucial for the project management department, considering the constant interaction with clients and the pressure of quarterly goals.

Pavlo, the Project Manager, says, "I'm still in search of the perfect recipe, but I believe that finding the right balance between work and personal life Is a key to maintaining high productivity and overall life satisfaction."

Anastasia, BDM, shares her secrets for maintaining balance: "I try not to work on weekends, although sometimes it happens. I always take at least a 30-minute lunch break without my phone or work. I keep lists of tasks and record the results every day. If a task is difficult, I change the type of activity." Anastasia recommends exercising and using meditation apps like Calm or Svitlo for relaxation during the workday and before sleep.

Feedback from the HR department indicates a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining work-life balance, especially in the context of personnel management and attracting new talents. They emphasize that it is essential not only to consider the volume of daily work and personal tasks but also to recognize the limits of one's capabilities, refusing constant attempts to be a "superhero". Recruiter Hanna explains: "The foundation of my daily well-being is healthy sleep, where pre-sleep rituals determine my mood and productivity for the next day. The philosophy of minimalism also helps me: discarding the unnecessary and focusing on what's important reduces stress level and increases my focus." Take care of yourself to achieve good results without harming your personal life.

In our marketing department, we have our unique life hacks. We value creativity and, at the same time, strive for structure. Our SMM specialist, Hanna, uses tools like xTiles, Toggle, and Google Sheets for effective task management. She plans her day in such a way that there is an opportunity to switch between different types of activities and not forget about rest time. Short breaks on social networks help her stay up to date with the latest trends, and when facing voluminous tasks – the Pomodoro technique becomes a lifesaver.

Our employees demonstrate that despite the diversity of professional challenges, finding harmony between work and personal life is possible. It is essential to see what works for you and not forget about your own needs and well-being.

How do you manage this balance?


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