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Icon.Partners at Next Block Expo, Berlin, December 4-5, 2023. A Web3 Networking Hub

We're thrilled to announce Icon.Partners participate in the Next Block Expo, a premier gathering for Web3 enthusiasts, in Berlin from December 4-5, 2023. This event is set to be a hotspot for networking, learning, and innovation, attracting a vibrant mix of over 2,000 professionals from the blockchain and Web3 sectors. Our team, including key leaders, is eager to dive into this dynamic environment, exploring new trends and opportunities in technology and entrepreneurship.

The Next Block Expo presents a unique opportunity for us to connect with industry pioneers, engage in meaningful discussions, and build lasting relationships within the Web3 community. We look forward to exchanging ideas, gathering fresh insights, and returning valuable knowledge to our clients and partners.

If you're attending and wish to meet with us, please get in touch with us at to schedule a meeting. Let's explore the future of Web3 together at this exciting event!


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