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How to Become a Partner in Three Years? The Case of Andriy Berezovskyi, Equity Partner at Icon.Partners

When Andrii Berezovskyi first stepped into Icon.Partners as an intern, few could have predicted that in just three years, he would become one of the key experts in the field of IT law. His story is not just a path from Trainee to Equity Partner but also an example of an extraordinary approach to a career in jurisprudence. Andrii shares his experience, challenges, and insights in this interview and advises young lawyers.

The Path from Intern to Partner

"When I started at Icon.Partners, I couldn't even imagine that I would become a partner. Immersing myself in the nuances of the legal business every day, I realized that my ideas and approaches had the power to make changes. Important steps on this path were not only professional achievements but also the ability to learn from mistakes and use every opportunity for development.”

Why IT Law?

"The dynamics of the Tech industry and the absence of outdated approaches made this field perfect for realizing my ideas," explains Andrii. A passion for innovations in IT law became vital in shaping his career.

Challenges and Triumph

Andrii Berezovskyi shares: "In my career, I have faced numerous challenges, but one of the most significant is adapting strategies to the rapid technological and business environment changes. This is especially true for the development of blockchain technologies. We are developing new approaches to working with clients, as this area is still in the formation stage, and regulations are constantly changing. The challenge is to track these changes and quickly adapt to new regulations. Finding practical solutions in such conditions is essential and an exciting experience.

The team as the Foundation of Success

"My success is always the result of teamwork. At Icon.Partners, every project is a matter for the entire team. For example, when developing a legal strategy for an international IT company, each team member focused on different aspects — from analyzing market trends to studying specific legislative norms of the client's country. This allowed us to consider all possible risks and challenges, providing the client with the best solutions."

Advice to Junior Lawyers

"I understand that many expect a specific recipe for success from me, but unfortunately, there is no universal one. However, I can share a few practical tips:

  • Specialize. Choose one field that interests you the most and study it deeply

  • Develop soft skills. Legal knowledge is only half the success. The ability to communicate effectively, present ideas, and build relationships with clients and colleagues is equally important

  • Stay informed. Keep up with the latest changes in legislation and trends in your area. This will allow you to be ahead and offer clients relevant solutions

  • Network actively. Attending professional events and conferences will open new opportunities for career growth

  • Create a LinkedIn account. If you don't have one yet—this is your sign to create it. Fill out your profile and post exciting news and materials, even if you are not currently looking for a job. This will bring you many benefitslater."

Vision for the Future

Andrii shares his vision: "I am convinced that success awaits those legal firms ready to adapt to changes quickly. This is especially true for IT law, where technologies develop very quickly. Our role as lawyers is to understand current legislation and anticipate how technological innovations may affect legal provisionsin the future. For example, with the advent of artificial intelligence and the expanded use of data, we must be prepared for new challenges in data privacy and security."

Life Motto

Andrii continues: "My life motto is 'Be ready for changes, but remain true to your values.' For me, this means being open to new ideas and approaches, but at the same time not betraying fundamental principles.”


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