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Icon.Partners in TechChill Riga 2024

Icon.Partners is grateful to announce our participation in TechChill Riga 2024 in April 2024. This event is the leading tech and startup conference in the Baltics, connecting people through knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities!

With over 2,300 participants, more than 310 startups, over 230 investors, 60+ media, and 120+ speakers.

TechChill will serve as a meeting point for international and local investors, founders, and ecosystem participants over three days in Riga.

Led by Slava Ustimenko, Head of the Innovations Division, and Andrew Berezovsky, Head of the Legal Division, our team eagerly anticipates engaging with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, and discussing new ideas in technology and startups.

TechChill represents a unique opportunity for meetings. We aim to use this event as a platform for knowledge exchange and forging new partnerships.

Let's meet at TechChill?

We would be delighted to meet and discuss collaboration opportunities if you plan to attend this event. Please get in touch with us at to arrange the details of our meeting.


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