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Icon.Partners is Expanding its Horizons. We Publish Articles on Medium, Hackernoon, and Substack!

Greetings to our readers! We are now not only actively managing our blog but also publishing articles on platforms such as Medium, Hackernoon, and Substack. This is a new step in our commitment to share knowledge and interesting insights with our audience.

Why is this essential for you?

  1. A variety of content. Now you can read our articles in formats convenient for you and on platforms you prefer.

  2. Deeper insights. On these platforms, we share detailed analyses and perspectives.

  3. Broad community. Interact with other readers, discuss articles, and share your thoughts.

Where can you find us?

Our presence on these platforms will not only enrich you with valuable articles, but also create opportunities for productive communication and exchange of ideas. Follow us and stay updated with all the latest news!


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