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Launching the "101. The (Non)Readers Club" at Icon.Partners

"What develops a person as an individual better than books? What trains the imagination better than books? What provides timely advice better than books? We don't know either." - With these thoughts in mind, we at Icon.Partners decided to open a book club with the intriguing name "101. The (Non)Readers Club", which contains nods to the works of Orwell and King.

The initiative to create the club was led by our colleague Оlexandra, a reading enthusiast whose suggestions always find a response in our hearts. Today, 80% of our employees have joined the club. This shows how much we love immersing ourselves in worlds created by words.

In our book club, there are no genre restrictions. We enjoy both non-fiction and fiction. Оlexandra offers options, and we choose what we will read next. After reading each book, we gather together to share our impressions. For example, we are delving into Chris Voss's techniques for effective negotiations.

The book club has become a meeting place for like-minded individuals, enriching every participant. Our doors are always open to those eager to learn more and share their ideas. Join our team!


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