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Join Angels for Ukraine and Drive Innovations

Icon.Partners is thrilled to announce our partnership with Angels for Ukraine, an initiative dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth in Ukraine. This collaboration brings a wealth of opportunities for both investors and startups, creating a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives.

✔️Expand Your Network: Connect with a global community of like-minded investors

✔️Access Innovative Startups: Discover and invest in high-potential startups that are making a difference

✔️Impactful Investment: Contribute to the economic recovery and growth of Ukraine by supporting local entrepreneurs

Angels for Ukraine is committed to supporting Ukrainian startups by connecting them with international investors worldwide. This initiative aims to drive economic recovery and innovation in Ukraine during these challenging times.

📝 Learn More and Support the Initiative: Angels for Ukraine Petition

We believe it is a fantastic opportunity for our network to discover groundbreaking startups and for startups to gain the critical support and funding they need. Join us in creating a vibrant and impactful investment ecosystem.

📢 Be Part of the Change –  to learn more and attend, reach out to Rui Flacao, President of COREangels; Olena Kleiner, Co-Founder of Angels for Ukraine, and  Anastasiia Katsura, Partnership Manager at Icon.Partners.


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