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New Vacancies at Icon.Partners

Our team is expanding with new talented specialists, allowing us to extend our capabilities and offer even more high-quality services to clients. This is a significant step in our endeavor to help businesses reach new heights.

New vacancies at Icon.Partners

  1. Middle Tech Lawyer. We are currently strengthening our legal practice, that is why we are looking for a mid-level lawyer to join the team.

  2. Talented Lawyers. As part of our commitment to nurturing emerging talent in the legal field, we are excited to open a position for an enthusiastic Trainee or Junior Lawyer keen on growing their expertise in Tech Law and related areas

  3. Sales Manager. We are enhancing our client engagement and sales strategies and seeking a dedicated Sales Manager 

  1. Employees have a growth map with clear metrics, allowing them to realize their professional potential fully

  2. The founders of our company are Tech entrepreneurs who have brought best practices from this field. We value flexibility and efficiency, rejecting unnecessary bureaucracy and micromanagement

  3. Exciting tasks and clients. You don't get stuck on one topic and are constantly learning something new

We invite you to join our team and build the future together in Tech law. Learn more about our vacancies and submit your resume on our website.


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